Kmart Also Pulling Grand Theft Auto V From Sale

Following Target's decision to pull GTA V from sale overnight, Kmart has confirmed that it is doing the same.

The total number of stores to pull the R18+ title over its depiction of sexual violence against women now totals two.

Here's Kmart's official statement:

Following a significant review of all content in Grand Theft Auto Games Kmart has taken the decision to remove this product immediately.
Kmart apologises for not being closer to the content of this game.

Target took the lead on taking down GTA V last night from sale following a petition which now has 44,000 signatures protesting the game's depiction of sexualised violence against women.

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    Why do i smell a review and subsequent banning coming?

      spike in sales of GTA5 before said ban..

      what I don't get is, you can kill as many guys as you can women in this game, why is it ok to kill guys but not women?

        what I don't get is, you can kill as many guys as you can women in this game, why is it ok to kill guys but not women?

        Because it's the uninformed idiots picking and choosing their arguments to make GTA V sound a million time worse than it actually is and the mindless sheep who take it all in and believe it.

        People have been doing this for years with religion. Picking and choosing what's "right and wrong". Wouldn't surprise me if it was THOSE people putting in the complaints.

        Soon we'll all be expected to drive the same car, not make any jokes, wear uniforms, etc etc. Bye freedom! *waves*.

      Nah, I think it is more just Kmart, Target etc. realising that maybe they aren't outlets for R18 content, whether it be games or movies, and only just realising that games now hav an R18+ rating.
      Unless they do sell R18 films?

        I work at target in the entertainment section, and it's definitely not just because it's r-rated. We have plenty of r-rated games, movies and TV shows and I haven't heard of any plans to stop selling these products.

    So, a bunch of armchair activists getting upset about something they read about on the Internet (and haven't actually seen with their own eyes) is influencing what we can and can't buy? Completely ridiculous.

      You can still buy it, just not from certain retailers. I can't buy R18 movies at my local BigW anyway, so I don't know why everyone is getting is such a frenzy about 'family' department stores choosing not to stock an R18+ game.
      You can still buy it at any gamestore, online, JB, Sanity etc. etc.

      Last edited 04/12/14 2:01 pm

        I think people are concerned that it is the "start of something more".

        At least that's my concern anyway. If enough people get behind an idea or movement then they can end up holding enough power to make a difference. This is a small snowball now but look at what it COULD become. K-Mart has already followed Target's move. That's two stores now in a few days. Big W might follow suit next week so they don't look like the bad family department store.

        Then maybe some higher power will notice the shift and re-assess the game in the Australian market. We could then see it pulled from shelves or us getting a dumbed down version; which is a risk of us not getting a version at all if Rockstar choose not to participate.

        Either way, there is always OzGameShop. :D

    This is ridiculous, the game has been out for over a year. The whole pulling doesn't make sense unless they are going to pull everything with simulated violence.

    Two things:

    1. What the hell is wrong with these companies?
    2. K-Mart still sell games?! WHA!?

    Following a significant review of all content in Grand Theft Auto Games

    They do know that the Australian Classification Board already did a significant review? Because that is their job.

    That is seriously what bugs me most about this. If you have a problem with a game don't complain to the retailers; complain to the people who are literally paid to determine if games are appropriate or not.

      100% agree. Pretty much saying, we do not think that the advisory board of experts who classify these things for a living.... know how to do their job.

      If they actually did a 'significant review', they'd find that the claims are almost entirely unfounded!

    So what's changed since the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions were released in the depiction of sexual violence against women? The answer is nothing.

    It annoys me that these stores are removing the game. If the stores chose not to sell it to begin with, I would have been Ok with that but to offer it and then remove it without really knowing what is within the game is ridiculous.

    I am one person who thinks this game is sensational. I also strongly believe that this game isn't suitable for kids and won't allow my kids to play it. I wish there was a version of this game without the adult content so that my kids could appreciate how brilliant the game is.

    My point.... this game is rated R18 for a reason. If stores don't agree with the content then they don't have to sell it but they should be more educated on what things are before they put them in their product line in the first place.

    And people wonder why noone buy games in store anymore.


    Look, yes women are not represented well in GTAV, we all know that. Men are also represented poorly in the game. I have no problem with a company selling/not selling what they want. Heck they are privately owned and can do whatever they want. It's the rampant hypocrasy of this 'gesture' that gets me. So they never bothered pulling it off the shelves over the abhorrent torture scene? Involving wait...a male victim? Will they take media off the shelf that represents both men and women poorly equally? Shall we see 50 Shades of Gray pulled or The Wolf of Wall Street? How about Modern Warfare 2 with that (quite terrible) mass execution airport level? How about they start with the clothing they sell to young girls that is totally innapropriate the helps feed into self image issues with girls? How about they stop stocking said clothes manufactured in 3rd world countries made by underpaid, mistreated women and girls?

      Your last sentence is the part that I understand the least. Sourcing clothes (or any product for that matter) created in sweatshops that actually, in the real world, the touchable, changeable, can be influenced by real decisions, world is OK. I don't know if violence and ill treatment in games influences actions in the real world (Am yet to see a peer reviewed longitudinal study to state a case for or against)... But I sure as hell know that violence and ill treatment in the real world does. Stupid people. You don't want it in your home... Don't buy it.

    A NZ DVD retailer recently decided to pull all their R_rated content (DVDs / Blu rays) off their shelves due to parents complaints.
    A scary trend is rearing it's ugly head. Minority(wowzer) censorship is upon us.

    What a pile of hot steamy load this is turning into. I guarantee you half of the mums that signed the Target petition have already bought little timmy and tammy their copies of GTA to shut them up. And most likely paid zero attention to what they were playing. And it wasn't until they saw something on the FunPolice facebook page they are all subscribed to before they decided to do anything, but it's too late by then cause their precious little babies have already turned into maniacal masochistic women beaters.... bah. Get off your high horses.

    But why should I, as a parent, be required to make decisions regarding my children? It's the world's fault I have to make decisions regarding the wellbeing of my child. It should be up to companies to determine what is suitable for my child to play, instead of me having to make any kind of a decision.

    By the way, it really annoys me that I have to watch and make sure my children don't put knives in the power points. Surely by now someone would have come up with a non-electrocuting power point that means I can go back to Candy Crush Saga and not have to raise my children?

    (NB: This response was sarcastic and I do not condone the practice of putting knives in powerpoints, letting children play dangerous video games, or even having children in the first place. GTA V is a brilliant game and I think K-Mart and Target are only removing the game because it's better press to be seen doing something, than to be seen not doing something. The people requesting its removal are the real life equivalent of this:

    It had better be available for PC on or about Jan 27th!

    If you bought the game from Target, return it for a refund. They have decided it is not fit for sale, so they should accept returns.

      And the point that proves is???

        To point out their hypocrisy...?

        They have been making money off this product for a year. I bet they sold well over 40,000 copies of it in their stores, so they then should be prepared to refund 40,000+ customers after making a moral judgment based on the bullying of 40,000+ other people.

        If something is not fit for sale in their estimation, then it is only morally right that they refund purchases that have already been made on that product.

          The low prices they set don't earn them much of a profit. They use those prices to help lure you into the store in the hope of you purchasing something else while there. So this is hardly a strong message to send. Clearly a petition would work better.

            I think pbnj just means that if 40,000 people took $80 ( a rough guess at their price) each off Target they'd be quick to go through a "That's when he knew, he f&&ked up" moment.

            It would be a lot of money for them to lose, but they could refuse your request for a return anyway if it is outside their return policy or rules.

    @LukeHopwell - How about setting up an interview with the petition founders (albeit they're anonymous...) or at least 1 or 2 people who publicly support this petition (sure you can find them via twitter or facebook).

    I'd like to see you actually sit down with them and debate why they think the game should be banned, keeping in mind that it doesn't "reward" people for killing women, it trivialises violence against both genders rather than just females, and the fact that companies have been making movies and games about war for years so why is it different to people who have been survivors of violence.

    Oh good, I look forward to FUCKING Americans spending the next year claiming that because two stores stopped selling GTA V, all their problems pale in comparison to the totalitarian police state of Australia(TM)

      Aaand I was right. Go to any American-based site and half the comments are GamerGate related, and the other half are "Well, it's Australia, what do you expect from the Australian government because CENSARSHIIIIIIP." I.e. Uninformed claptrap.

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