JB Hi-Fi Is Selling 32GB iPhone 5Cs For Stupidly Cheap

Need a new iPhone? Don't want to pay through the nose for a new iPhone 6 or 6 Plus, or even for the 5S? The lesser iPhone 5C is a perfectly good phone — and it has the distinction of a unique Apple design, with that beautiful fluoro plastic chassis — and at the moment, you can get a top of the line model for a genuine bargain.

If you find yourself a JB Hi-Fi, you'll find the deal — a 32GB iPhone 5C in green or the identical model in pink, for a ridiculously cheap $399. When you consider that an iPhone 5C with just 8GB of storage directly from Apple will cost you $529, and the cheapest 32GB iPhone currently available is the $799 5S, that's an amazingly good price.

There is, of course, a caveat. You can't buy this particular deal through the JB website — nor can you reserve one online, so you'll have to head in store — and you can't choose any other colours. The surely-much-more-popular white 5C is still $649, and a yellow variant that was apparently on sale earlier is now sold out.

Stocks will surely be limited, since the 32GB 5C hasn't even been produced since the iPhone 6 announcement — that's when Apple started selling the 5C exclusively with only 8GB of onboard storage. If you can find one in stock somewhere, though, you'll pick yourself up a great phone for the price it always should have cost. [JB Hi-Fi]

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