Harvey Norman Is Dumping Nokia Lumia 630s For A Bargain Price

Harvey Norman Is Dumping Nokia Lumia 630s For A Bargain Price

If you suffer from regular cases of Dropped Phone Syndrome, or if you’re looking for a cheap burner phone for holidays, Harvey Norman has what looks like an extremely good deal on the entry-level Nokia Lumia 630.

Although the Harvey Norman website lists the phone as $198, that might be an online-only place; we called a couple of Harvey Norman stores and asked them to check catalogues and inventory — and it does indeed seem like they’re on sale for a bargain $159.

(The phone is actually a little cheaper at Dick Smith, but that particular model is locked to Vodafone.)

Beyond that initially good price, though, the Lumia 630 looks like even better value when you see that Nokia and Microsoft are giving away a $50 Coles Myer group gift card for any 630 purchases; if you’re a regular Coles shopper that drives the effective price down to a pretty crazy $109.

With Microsoft promising the full Windows Phone experience no matter what device you buy, you won’t be getting a gimped phone with the Lumia 630. The ecoysystem doesn’t quite have the range of apps as its Google and Apple competitors, but if you’re just looking for a simple and straightforward smartphone then this looks like a great deal. [Harvey Norman / OzBargain]