Government To Push Ahead With E-Safety Commissioner Plans Today

Government To Push Ahead With E-Safety Commissioner Plans Today

Remember that so-called “cyber-safety Commissioner” the Coalition wanted when it was in Opposition? It’s being reported this morning that the Government is about to press ahead and introduce the policy to the Parliament today.

News Limited reports that the legislation surrounding the new E-Safety Commissioner will have the power to remove online harassment material from social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The architect of the plan, Parliamentary Secretary For Communications, Paul Fletcher MP, has indicated that these companies will face fines of up to $17,000 every day they failed to remove flagged objectionable material.

Those caught posting online harassment material, be they kids or adults, will also be made to self-censor their comments and apologise to their target or face potential legal action.

The Government will reportedly press ahead with the legislation despite internet giants like Google and Facebook voicing their objections in favour of better self-regulation.

We’ll bring you more on the legislation once it hits the floor of Parliament. [Courier Mail]

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