VOTE For The Best Smartphone Of The Year: Gizmodo Awards 2014

16 smartphones enter. Only one may leave. Welcome to the 2014 Gizmodo Awards, where today you vote for the best smartphone that the year had to offer. Get in here and tell us what you love!

It was a strong showing this year across the board, with two new phones from Apple, a promising offering from HTC with the One series, and great new phones from Samsung and Sony with two Z3 models!

Who will win? Cast your votes now, and all will be revealed soon.



    Blackberry Passport? teehehe oh Hopewell, you old scallywag you!

      I'd have one over any Android phone you care to name. Ditto for iPhone. At least BB seem to be thinking about what users might need/want, rather than simply playing a game of oneupmanship with their competitors.

        Can't argue. BB are getting back to their roots of being great for business, I just hope they realise that even businessmen will want their smartphone for pleasure as well as business.

          of course that why they have android access and amazon app store pre-loaded now it can run 98% of all android apps so its not missing anything really. BlcakBerry have hit a stride with the passport and are doing really well.

            BB10.3 update is a game changer. It runs Android Apps better than Android itself.
            The passport wins this by far.

              That is a complete lie. Android apps run extremely slow and some of them not at all even on the 10.3 update and this is coming from a Passport user.

            Yes it can run a lot of the apps but it does not run them well at all. Most of them are extremely slow and with no access to Google services many of them are half baked even on 10.3.

            I would like to buy Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Hopefully it would be nice. Anyway I got 10 best smartphones lists of December here

        lol what a joke, there is no excuse for the way that company was mismanaged in the late 00's! Pathetic and a disgrace to its shareholders. They totally ignored market trends, and had no vision, even in the face of competition SHOWING them what people wanted. They weren't just wearing friggin blinkers, they were BLINDFOLDED!

        Last edited 07/12/14 6:07 pm

          Great history lesson. What does the fact blackberry is giving consumers what they have been asking for today with exceptional build quality and your mention of the stock market? Sounds like someone got burnt and has a blind hate for the most innovative mobile company.

    Blackberry Passport. Let's do it.

    Samsung knows the Note EDGE is better than the note4 and priced accordingly.
    Its a note 4 plus a bit!
    Why would Giz leave it off the list?
    My vote has to go to note 4 but not happy jan.

    The passport Mmmmmm, the new, Think different!
    The only phone too answer questions we haven't asked yet.
    Why can't I have a touchpad and keyboard in one?
    Why can't I see the whole page on my screen without turning sideways?
    Handbags and suits have a pocket for a Passport, why not use it for your phone?

    Z3 compact has been awesome. And when the "shine" wears off, hopefully someone will have developed a nice "Google Play Edition" ROM I can put on.

    Last edited 02/12/14 9:17 am

    Passport is truly the most unique and innovative phone of the year hands down. I own one and I have to say it's an amazing phone.

      Blackberry numero 1

    BlackBerry PassPort by a long shot, the most innovative since.?....... the first BlackBerry smartphone.

    Passport is truly the most unique and innovative phone of the year hands down. I own one and I have to say it's an nice BlackBerry passport

    Blackberry passeport without doubts better hardware and software at this time

    BlackBerry Passport is bestest! Hands down!!!

    Worked wide ;) BlackBerry passport

    Motorola and motorola x

    The passport does check a lot of boxes - best battery life, most usable screen size, keyboard that's also a TouchPad ,bb10 and android apps + blend - the best desktop / tablet link yet. Strange it wasn't mentioned in the write-up...

    It's time for blackberry resurrection

    BlackBerry Passport Best phone !!
    Download Snap Apps for All Google Play Apps ;)

      No, you still don't get access to Google services and the Android apps are still slow and buggy.

        Not true that they are slow and buggy. Every android app I've installed runs perfectly.


    Hard decision. I liked the windows mobile OS and now 8.1 just seems to cater to the cluttered. iPhone and iOS were something to marvel about up to a few years ago and now I just feel like I'm getting bend over backwards and letting apple treat me like their little biatch. Android has been fun, HTC does a nice job on their hardware, but android is so fragmented, glitchy and eventually unstable, not to mention the malware. I have loved using my Z30 for everything fun and productive and it has been a rock solid device, stable and intuitive OS. I have just picked up the passport as a result of the Z30 experience and can say that I can and want to get things done with this work horse. Very innovative tool. But for the sake of this consumer award, the Z30 gets my vote.

    BlackBerry all the way. They do care for Users and new products are great.

      Yes, they care for their users. How is your Playbook doing these days?

        Playbook give me about 95% of what I want and 100% of what I need . However the passport virtually replaces the need for a playbook!

    Z30. I have tryed most of the listed phones and bb is my favourite. Easy to use, trustable device.

    Blackberry Passport. What a phone!!! Productivity at peak. Passport to productivity,

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