Gift Guide 2014: Where To Buy Presents For The Geek In Your Life

So you think you can geek? Not like this next giftee. There’s probably someone in your office/life/family/friend circle who is way into geeky gadgets and toys. Here’s where you can find something for them.

Every geek is different. Presumably, if you’re buying something for a close friend or family member, you have a vague idea of what they’re into. Rather than tell you what to buy them, we’re going to tell you where you can buy cool, geeky stuff.


ThinkGeek is the place to be for geeky toys and apparel. They have everything from Doctor Who gear, through to sweet Firefly merch. They also do gift cards if you're stumped.


Need a geeky smart watch? Just something that will stump people trying to read the time from your wrist? Perhaps just a futuristic gizmo to delight your giftee? You need TokyoFlash watches!

This Is Why I’m Broke

This Is Why I'm Broke does exactly what it says on the tin: it drives geeks who love toys, gadgets and apparel completely bankrupt. Rather than be a bespoke store in itself, This Is Why I'm Broke is a product aggregator, so it links you out to a bunch of different, excellent stores you can enjoy.

Japan Trend Shop

Sometimes, a traditional Western gift just won't do if your giftee loves something quirky and fun. That's where Japan Trend Shop comes in. If you've ever seen a crazy Japanese product, it's probably being sold through the Japan Trend Shop. For example, why not try a Snack Hunter or Nose Lifter?


Got a serious photo addict on your hands? You need Photojojo. Not only do they have cute little trinkets for geeks to ogle and wear proudly, but they also have smartphone camera accessories for photogs on the go.


Does the geek in your life need to clothe their naked bod? Threadless is the place to go to help them out with the top half. Their crowdsourced designs are fresh and fun, and are guaranteed to delight the geek in your life. They even do gift vouchers if you're not sure what size they are or whether they like dinosaurs spewing rainbows.

What's your favourite geek destination? Tell us in the comments!

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