Gift Guide 2014: Gifts For Your Geeky Dad

Is your Dad a bit of a geek? Stuck for gifts for him? Get in here and grab some great ideas before time runs out.

Worx SD Multi-bit Screwdriver

No matter how handy your paternal influence is, having the right tool for the job is super important. The Worx SD multi-bit screwdriver carries a six-slot barrel inside the unit which allows you to hot swap drill bits by simply pulling the slide back and rotating to a new tool. That means you have six tools in one. The 4V drill unit means your Dad can have a handy series of gadgets on hand for assembling and disassembling anything at will, and for a reasonable price at just $59.

[$59, Masters]

Fitbit Charge

We loved the Fitbit Force when it came out last year, but it was recalled after more than a few problems. Fitbit worked hard on the device, and came out recently with the Fitbit Charge, which is awesome. The Charge’s existence means that once again you can buy a Fitbit wristband with an integrated screen and that can tell when you’re climbing stairs. Plus, the Charge can now tell you who’s calling (with Caller ID) when you pair it to a smartphone, and automatically detect when you go to sleep instead of requiring a button press. Fitbit says it will get a full seven days of battery life, on par with the original Force.

[$150, Dick Smith]


Your dad's gadgets get dirty. There's no doubting that. If and when that happens, he needs an always-handy cleaning solution that is a little more effective than the leg of a pair of jeans or the hem of a shirt. Mobile Cloth touts itself as a "revolution against fingerprints" and we can tell you from experience that it just works -- if your dad needs something to clean up a smartphone or tablet or laptop screen, this is the stocking-stuffer gift to get.

[$17.95, MOBiLE CLOTH]

Braun Waterflex

If your Dad is a shower shaver, the waterproof Braun Waterflex is a great choice. With a swivel head and a construction aimed at those who shave with foam or with water, the Waterflex is a great value choice.

[$149.95, Shaver Shop]

Philips BeardTrimmer 9000

For precision shaving everywhere else, the Philips laser-guided shaver is top notch. It's the first shaver to come with a laser so you can see where you're trimming to. The rechargeable razor also features an adjustable cutting head with 17 different length settings for the perfect stubble, and on an hour’s charge you’ll get about an hour’s use with or without the laser activated — which sounds fair. It’s waterproof so you can easily clean it under a tap. It also has an oil-free design, which means there’s no other maintenance needed. Plus, lasers; they just make everything more awesome.

[$149, FishPond]

Bose QuietComfort 25i Noise-Cancelling Headphones

If all your Dad wants for Christmas is a little peace and quiet, you can't pass up the Q25i headphones from Bose. The $399 Bose QuietComfort 25 follows the standard set by the QuietComfort 15 in that it’s an over-the-ear headphone with a detachable 1.4-metre headphone cable, no integrated Bluetooth, and a removable AAA battery (one non-rechargeable cell is included). These are the best pair of headphones that Bose has ever made. There’s no doubt about that. The quality of the noise cancelling is incredible, and the sound quality that goes hand in hand with it is of a similarly high level.

What's your pick for a fatherly Christmas gift? Tell us in the comments!



    I purchased the Phillips 9000 a few weeks ago. The Laser is only really a gimmick. It gets in the way more than its actually useful. The trimmer itself is really great though. Keeps my stubble to a length I like with ease. Would recommend to buy even with the useless laser

      I have it too, I still turn the laser on when I'm doing my neck but I don't think it really makes any difference at all. Still, lasers!

    I have the QC25's from BOSE! Really amazing, and the battery life is fantastic. lasts for ages.
    Only bad thing.... It's made for a bloody iphone!! So the controls don't work on Android phones :(

    I have the WORX SD driver, as cool as it is to play with its fairly impractical and doesn't always switch bits when you "cock" it.

      I Have this driver as well... totally useless.. If you live in Perth and want one for free.. they can have mine.

    Holy crap, that Worx SD Multi-bit Screwdriver is HUGE.

    How do you fit it in between those hard-to-reach places?

    Using one of those inside my computer case would be like an obese person trying to pick up a coin off a crowded elevator floor.

      looking at promo pics of it being held... it's actually on the small side.

      it's only a single speed and you can't lower the torque so I'd steer clear of it for PC use on those two factors alone.

        Every bit driver needs some form or torque control.

    It's a Fitbit Charge HR on the picture right, which is not available in your lovely DickSmith.
    Don't trick people with misleading pictures!

    Gifts for your Handy Hirsute Hipster Geeky Dad.

    Ok Giz, have it your way.

    A shaved with laser, perfect for the dad lacking basic hand eye coordination.

    The multi bit driver is pretty pointless because 99 percent of all screw's are Phillips heads. You'd be better off just buying the driver you need for the job. Right tool for the right job

    I'll keep using my little cordless with the bit extender.

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