Foxtel's Presto Movie Streaming Will Add TV Shows In 2015

Presto, the movie streaming service from Foxtel, is a bargain at $10 per month. It's restricted purely to movies, though, and it seems like Foxtel wants more -- a new Presto Entertainment service, focusing on on-demand TV shows and series, will launch early next year.

Presto Entertainment's new TV content would come courtesy of Seven West Media and Foxtel's own libraries, and would be a separate subscription from the existing Presto Movies package -- although you'll be able to access both through the same existing account if you upgrade.

Although there's no list of exclusive content or any content at all at the moment, Presto Entertainment will feature a "broad range of locally commissioned and internationally acquired content including drama, comedy, factual and entertainment programming", says the company's media release. Pricing is similarly still to be confirmed, but we'd expect it to mirror Presto Movies' current $9.99 monthly price tag or at least the $19.99 launch price.

The move will put Presto directly into competition with Stan and Netflix, both of which will launch in Australia with their own sourced TV show and movie libraries. It's possible that there will be some crossover of content between competing services, but with big-name titles like Breaking Bad, House Of Cards and even Game Of Thrones, don't expect to see them streaming all over the place.

Stan is coming in February and Netflix is likely to hit Oz in March; if Presto doesn't have a head start over one or both of its strongest competitors then it'll be a tough fight to succeed in such a busy and fickle market. If it's able to draw in existing Foxtel and Presto subscribers with a discount or bundle deal, though, it could be an attractive proposition. [Presto]

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    Presto needs HD as well.

    Edit: they actually need to provide movies+TV at a competitive price; I do not think 19.99 is a competitive enough.

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    I provided a comment on lifehacker's same article about this, not sure if it's against the rules to crosspost here.

    To summarise: it's a good move but once again Foxtel is hampered by either a lack of programming resources, or their own deals with manufacturers, in that the presto "android app" only works on the Nexus 7 + 5 other Samsung tablets and that's it. If you want to watch on another device running android, like a phablet for example, or even the new Nexus 9, forget it.

    Netflix is available on practically anything with a screen, it will even run on Chromebooks just fine, and you can literally have it on any android device you like.

    Here's the madness: if your a customer of telstra, you can use their mobile foxtel app on any android device with a telstra sim card, or take the AFL where you can install that on any android device and happily stream your footy, but foxtel's own android apps (go + presto) are still heavily restricted - WHY?

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    Why Presto is heading towards failure:

    1. No HD content.
    2. Android app is only compatible with 6 Android devices.
    3. Movies + TV shows need to be included together for a maximum price of $15 per month, otherwise Netflix (and likely Stan) will completely smash Presto out of the market.

    I hear the comments about Foxtel's completely crap Android\Windows Phone\Windows RT app support for the GO's not good enough..


    I've been using a surface 2 tablet for the last few weeks (lightweight, has a removable keyboard and full office) and wanted access to as much content as possible. There's no Foxtel GO support so I joined up to PRESTO which is accessible through a browser (no app issues then) and I've got to say it works well.

    If they added the TV shows next year for say....another $5 for existing subscribers then I'd be in I think.

    Actually thinking about it.....throw in some Fox sports\Rugby League\AFL access in and it's a winner!

    Basically sounds like they're building Presto up as a browser based version of GO...if that's the case....I say good!

    HD or don't bother.

    We're heading into 2015, and Foxtel still treats their HD channels as premium upgrades. They should all be HD unless there is no HD master available.

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