Artist Suing Sony Over Unauthorised Use Of Her Song In ‘The Interview’

Artist Suing Sony Over Unauthorised Use Of Her Song In ‘The Interview’

Musician Yoon Mi Rae is not too happy with Sony Pictures right now. Because even though the company has aggressively gone after people who don’t respect intellectual property rights, they seem to need a lesson in IP law themselves. Yoon Mi Rae is accusing Sony of using a portion of her song “Pay Day” in the controversial new movie The Interview.

According to TorrentFreak, Yoon Mi Rae’s record label was actually in discussions with Sony to let them licence the song. But the label says they never agreed on terms.

“There were initial discussions for using ‘Pay Day’ in the movie, but at some point, the discussions ceased and we assumed that it would not follow through,” the label said in a statement. “However, after the movie was released, we learned that the track had been used without permission, legal procedure, or contracts.”

This is the part where I’m supposed to tell you about The Interview and how Sony got hacked and all that stuff but if any of that is somehow news to you why are you reading the internet because you should just focus on recovering from that coma or whatever cavemen do after getting thawed from a block of ice and re-animated or whatever.

You can watch a live 2009 performance of Yoon Mi Rae’s song Pay Day below. [Scoompi via TorrentFreak]

Image: Yoon Mi Rae in 2011 via Getty