A Glowing LED-Lit Sled Keeps You On The Slopes All Night Long

A Glowing LED-Lit Sled Keeps You On the Slopes All Night Long

It's too bad that snow really only falls during the winter months when the days are so short. It means that if you lose track of time, you'll find yourself careening down a snow and ice-covered hill on a sled in the dark of night, with no way to see what you're about to crash into. Unless you bring a torch, or sled with this glowing downhill racer.

The soft glow comes courtesy of 16 red LEDs inside the $US100 sled's high-density polyethylene frame, and it also serves as a warning to those on the bottom of the hill that you're coming through and don't have the means to stop. There is a steerable ski up front for making emergency turns, but with two passengers on board (the sled can support up to 113kg) don't expect this sled to be particularly manoeuvrable. [Hammacher Schlemmer]

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