5 Essential Add-Ons For Dropbox

5 Essential Add-Ons For Dropbox

Many of us rely on Dropbox for file syncing and backup, but you might not be aware of all the different extensions and services that you can plug into it. Here are our five favourite Dropbox add-ons to supercharge your storage.

1. Drop It To Me

If you want to provide an easy way for other people to send files to your Dropbox — whether or not they have an account of their own — then give Drop It To Me a try. Once you’ve linked your Dropbox to the service you can set up a unique URL that others can use to send files straight to your Dropbox.

The file size limit is 75M,B and you have the option to password-protect your upload page if you wish. For larger files and some additional features, try Supply Drops: free pages have a 48-hour expiry window, but you can pay a few dollars to extend this if required.

2. DropVox

DropVox is a two-dollar app for iOS 7.0+ that lets you record voice memos to your Dropbox folder. That’s all there is to it. It’s an app with one purpose and it does its job well with the minimum amount of fuss. It’s good to know that the clips you record on the go are automatically backed up in the cloud and available on all your computers and devices instantly. There’s also a Mac version being beta tested that works in the same way.

3. Boxpx

If you want a better way to share photos from Dropbox with others, then Boxpx could be just what you’re looking for. Attach it to your Dropbox account and you can quickly pick out images from any folder before adding captions, changing the display order, and resizing them as necessary. At the end of the process you have a public URL that you can share with anyone who needs it. It’s not packed with features, but it’s free and simple to use, which counts for a lot.

4. EasyDrop

Using the Dropbox Web interface is all well and good, but EasyDrop gives you an even more convenient way of getting at your files from the Chrome browser. Essentially, it displays the mobile Web version of your Dropbox account, so you can browse through and preview files, get sharing links, and delete files without having to open up the main interface. If you often need to refer to your Dropbox while you’re working on the Web then it can come in very useful indeed.

5. Wappwolf Automator

Wappwolf Automator works like a version of IFTTT built especially for Dropbox. It will take actions based on triggers in your Dropbox account, so you could tell it to automatically upload new photos to Flickr or convert new documents into the PDF format, for example.

Check out the list of actions supported by the service and see how you might be able to utilise it. The free account comes with some limitations in terms of task numbers and file sizes which you can go beyond by paying for premium access.

Any other Dropbox add-ons you’ve found particularly useful? Share them below!