Which Country Has The World's Largest Army Throughout History?

Chart: Which country has the world's largest army throughout history?

Martin Vargic made a very interesting chart that shows what the world's largest army was throughout history, from 2500 BC until now. He split up the world into "west" and "east" to show which countries or dynasties or empires were dominating different parts of the world.

It's interesting to compare eras with each other and see what having the largest army meant (in relation to history), since it was basically a numbers game. Though our militaries are more advanced now, there was much more manpower back then. I think the most fascinating thing is how large the Ming Dynasty army was compared to anything in their time.

Chart: Which country has the world's largest army throughout history?


    Wow South Korea has a huge army, not as malnourished as North's larger army I presume

      Yeah, I'd say North Korea's Army would be cannon fodder, for the most part..!

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      North Korea doesn't even need an army? I heard if there was a war their glorious leader would stride the battlefield like a colossus shooting lasers from his eyes and calling lightning from the sky.

      South Korea has national service for all males between 18-34, I imagine that would scew the stats somewhat compared to nations that don't have conscription.

    This page has different numbers compared to the chart. Considering the chart is sourcing off Wikipedia, where is this guy getting those numbers from? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_number_of_military_and_paramilitary_personnel

    Would love to see a per capita comparison. Think the Spartans would rank pretty high there. Plus it may show the Countries/Empires/Kingdoms/You get it that punch above their weight.

    Since when is South Korea a part of the 'west'?

      Yeah I noticed that as well, both geographically and culturally they are not.

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