What Is This Mysterious Black Box That Nokia Is Teasing?

What Is This Mysterious Black Box That Nokia Is Teasing?

Nokia, after selling off its mobility branch to Microsoft, refuses to give up and is prepared to launch a new product of some sort tomorrow. Earlier today, the Finnish tech company tweeted “Guess what? We’re up to something” and adorned the teaser with just a black box.


This isn’t the first instance of Nokia playing social media hard to get. On Saturday, the company tweeted a similar image that appears to just be an extreme closeup of the same image (maybe). So what exactly are we looking at here? Is it the box itself or is it what’s in the box that counts? One thing is virtually certain: it is not a smartphone. In a deal with Microsoft, Nokia cannot ascribe its brand to a smartphone handset until the end of 2016 or to feature phones for a full decade.

Instead Nokia will be looking in other areas where it can lend its well-known brand name, even after the small hit taken from Microsoft’s acquisition. If it’s the box itself, then it would certainly look to be a set top box, drawing from similar design cues from Amazon’s Fire TV and Google’s Nexus Player, and even Apple TV. If it’s something in the box, then who knows.

Any ideas? [Nokia]