Watch The Futurama Intro Sequence Remade With Simpsons Characters

Watch the Futurama intro sequence remade with Simpsons characters

Today's just-aired-in-the-US Simpsons-Futurama crossover episode brought us many good things. Some fun gags, some much-needed self-deprecation, evil Bart-gremlin hybrids that taste delicious, lots of Bender (or not enough), and the best of all: The Futurama intro made with Simpsons characters and sung by Homer.

Without further ado, here it is:

Update: A reader asks if this final gag gives a hint that The Simpsons will end in 2017. I have my doubts. The plaque on the statue says 2006-2017. If it were 1989-2017, I think that would be the case. More probably this is just saying that Ralph Wiggum — one of the kids in Lisa's class and the son of Police Chief Wiggum — will die in 2017.

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