Watch Out For Cave Leprechauns, Or You Might Become Rainbow Man

If you're anxious for a fight between good and evil, well, the new Star Wars trailer should keep you frosty until... December 2015? That's way too long to wait! Nothing can truly replace the epicness of lightsabres, the force and midichlorians Jar-Jar Binks lightsabres (they're worth mention twice), but maybe a fellow by the name of "Rainbow Man" can help. A little. A tiny little.

This three-minute fake trailer for an equally fake movie called "Rainbow Man" takes a humorous look at the deluge of superhero films we've been inundated with lately.

Sure, those films have all been very good — well, the Marvel ones anyway — but I think we're all experiencing a bit of spandex fatigue. Having the less-serious Guardians of the Galaxy helped immensely, though.

As for Rainbow Man... just don't throw any sports balls with your non-dominant hand into mysterious caves and you should be OK.

[YouTube, via Neatorama]

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