Watch Ken Block Tear Up The Streets Of Los Angeles In An All-Wheel Drive, 845hp Ford Mustang

It's here. Gymkhana Seven is finally here, and it sees Ken Block smoke up the streets of Los Angeles in one of the most beastly and unique Ford Mustangs ever made.

The official title is Wild In The Streets Of Los Angeles, and it's a symphony of noise.

Block normally uses his custom-built Ford Fiesta performance car to lay waste to his tyres along with the laws of gravity, but this time his ride is different. It's still built by Ford, but it's a weaponised 1965 Mustang instead.

It's packing 845 horsepower, and Ford adds that it's the only all-wheel drive performance Mustang ever built. And boy, does Block ride those 800+ horses hard.

In the film he not only bends space and time around his car to pull off impossible turns, slides and donuts, but also takes you on a pseudo-tour of Los Angeles and its sights. From the LA River, through to Chinatown, right up to the Hollywood sign with all the freeways in-between.

Take a few minutes out of your morning and bathe in the automotive carnage.

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