Universal Picks Up Steve Jobs Biopic, Michael Fassbender Attached To Star

Universal Has Picked Up Aaron Sorkin's Steve Jobs Biopic

Just last week, Sony abandoned the Steve Jobs film that we've been waiting (and waiting) for. One that once had Christian Bale lined up as the lead, and David Fincher down as director before Danny Boyle took on the task. Overnight, according to The Hollywood Reporter, Universal has picked up the project.

The site reports that a Universal spokesperson confirmed that the studio is taking over the movie, which will see Danny Boyle direct a script by Aaron Sorkin.

The project has now been in development for two years. Who knows when it will finally hit the screens. [The Hollywood Reporter]


    can't we just leave him dead for like, a few years?

    I want them to make it a Marvel tie in where Steve Jobs is actually Magneto.

    The trailer would be Steve Jobs demoing the new iPhone but can't put it down as its stuck to his hand. 10/10 - IGN.

    I just don't at all understand why they're trying to pump out another movie so soon after the first one... And fight through this much drama to get it...

    Nobody cares.

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