This Ultra-Compact Support Lets You Shoot Hands-Free With Your iPhone 6

This Ultra-Compact Support Lets You Shoot Hands-Free With Your iPhone 6

The iPhone 6 and iOS 8 make it impossibly easy to shoot timelapse and high-speed footage using just your phone. But while the boxy design of the iPhone 5 meant it could be stood on its edge for hands-free shooting, you unfortunately can’t steady the curvy iPhone 6 that way. Lots of companies have announced tiny tripods and folding cases to help solve that problem, but none seem as elegantly simple and straight-forward as the MOS Kick.

You can’t really call the Kick a tripod since it doesn’t have even a single leg, but it provides similar functionality while being far more slim and compact. They say the best camera is the one you actually have with you, which is more often than not our smartphones these days. And that same sentiment goes for a tripod, particularly if you’re someone who likes to experiment with long exposures and time-lapse videos.

Made from metal so it’s durable and heavy enough to serve as a counterweight for even the largest phones and phablets, the MOS Kick features a simple knob-adjusted clamp that’s lined with soft foam so it can securely hold onto almost any make and model of mobile device. And you can insert your device facing either forward or back for hands-free photography or video calls.

The MOS Kick has a standard tripod screw mount so if you do happen to be carrying a set of sticks you can finally use it with your smartphone of choice. And if that’s not added value enough, one corner of the Kick is notched so it serves as a bottle opener — giving you yet another reason to carry it with you everywhere.

If you’re sold on the idea, the MOS Kick is starting life through a Kickstarter campaign this morning that’s attempting to raise $US25,000 to fund a production run. The first 250 backers can pre-order a Kick for $US25, with the final price tag being closer to $US30 when it’s available sometime in January of next year. But if you’re hesitant about backing it, don’t be. The folks behind the MOS Kick already have a great track record when it comes to making their other creations a reality, without cutting corners on what they have promised just to get something out the door. [Kickstarter – MOS Kick]