This Is How ATMs Get Hacked In Russia: Using Explosives

This Is How ATMs Get Hacked in Russia: Using Explosives

Forget super-skinny card skimmers and clever malware attacks. In Russia, many of the attempts to illegally obtain cash from ATMs are rather more crude — because they involve explosives.

English Russia points out that more than 20 Russian ATMS have been blown up recently in an attempt to steal money. The site reports that criminals pump the cash dispensers with propane, which they then ignite — in the process tearing the machines apart with brute force. The explosions can send debris up to 50 meters from the ATM.

It clearly works: the perpetrators typically make off with 2.5 million rubles, or around $63,000, at a time. [English Russia]

Picture: English Russia

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    I told a Russian guy we call ATM's, "Hole in the wall" didn't think he was going too make it come true!

    I don't think you can call propane an explosive. It's a gas.

      Just because the common use for propane is slow combustion doesn't mean it doesn't also behave explosively. Wheat dust can be explosive!

        Oh yeah of course but I'm just saying that "explosives" in the general sense would be more like TNT and the such.

    In soviet Russia, you do not hack ATM, ATM hacks YOU.

    I remember when they were first installed here. Someone stole a front end loader from a council depot and simply ripped one out of the wall, dropped it onto the back of a truck and drove off with it. The news guy said an ATM is as strong as a safe but with $80K in it I guess it would've made a good week's work getting the money out.

    And that's why modern ATM's are filled with suppresants to stop this from happening :)

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