This Bizarre High-Security Lock Is Every Drunk Person’s Nightmare

While some people are trying to reinvent the lock by eliminating keys altogether, others solutions, like the XPUZMAG from Taiwan, are going in decidedly different direction — by taking a traditional lock-and-key mechanism and just making it a thousand times more complicated. Warning to the belligerent drunk about town: This lock is not your friend.

Not only does the deadbolt lock come bearing a rotating set of circles with embedded pins and springs, but some of those holes aren’t even functional. They exist only to throw thieves off the scent and, in some cases, brick up the lock for a short period of time.

According to seller himself:

It’s main security feature is a rotating face-plate with 23 pin chambers. These line up with 23 pin chambers behind it. Only 6 of the 23 holes operate the lock, but all the chambers have pins. The large number of pin holes serve to misdirect anyone trying to pick the lock to pick “incorrect” pin chambers. The rotating face-plate is meant to frustrate and make it hard to keep track of the pins. Additionally, some false pins can possibly over-set and block the shear-line.

All that security/frustration doesn’t come cheap; each lock will set you back $US125 a pop, which you can get on the seller’s Ebay store here. Just don’t say we didn’t warn you. [Digg]