The Next-Gen Game I’m Most Excited For Right Now Came Out 10 Years Ago

The Next-Gen Game I’m Most Excited For Right Now Came Out 10 Years Ago

It has been noted before that the transition into the latest generation of consoles has been weirdly soft and tentative. New games take ages to hit the market, and instead we’re left to play last-gen re-releases over and over until we wonder why we bought a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One in the first place. Six months on and I find it’s still the case, especially because the game I’m most excited to play right now came out 10 years ago.

It’s a little game called Halo 2 and despite the fact that it was released in 2004, it got a new trailer today. The trailer is made of goddamn eye-candy, and it’s for a game I never really got to play when it was first released, which makes me super excited for the re-release.

The Halo 2 remastered trailer features brand-spanking new material and new cutscenes from a remastered version of the game intended for release later on this month, but despite the excitement, I found myself slightly vexed about the games we’re seeing for next-gen platforms right now.

Sure, we’ve had brand new titles like Destiny, Sunset Overdrive and Watch Dogs hit our consoles in the last few months, but what we’ve had more of is delays, re-releases and remakes.

Everything from Halo through to The Last of Us is getting a next-gen remake, and that feels weird. We’ve already played these games. Where’s the new stuff?

As Kotaku’s Mark Serrels noted earlier today: it’s the first week in November, in prime Christmas shopping season, and there are barely any new games to be found on store shelves.

What’s going on with next-gen? I’m baffled.

Anyway. Check out how rad this game looks.