The Jawbone Up Move Is A Tiny, Clip-On Pendant For Basic Tracking

The Jawbone Up Move Is A Tiny, Clip-On Pendant For Basic Tracking

Let’s not split hairs: fitness trackers can be pretty expensive. You’re looking at anywhere between $100-$200 for a decent fitness tracking band for your wrist or to clip onto your pants, for example. So, in a bid to lower the cost of entry into the fitness tracking space, Jawbone has decided to create a cute little fitness pendant called the Up Move for just $69.

The Up Move tracks pretty much everything that the previous generation Jawbone UP24 tracked, including steps, activities like running and sleep. But instead of clipping around your wrist in a band design, the Up Move is a cute little pendant that you can clip onto your pants, onto a bra strap or even your shoe. If you’re really jazzed about the concept of having it on your wrist, you can buy a pack of three wristbands for $39 extra. The straps, clips and the Up Move itself come in five different colours, too.

The gadget itself is made out of anodised aluminium with a plastic face. You can tap that face once to get your step progress, twice to get to the time or three times to display sleep stats from last night. Pushing and holding the face changes the mode from wake to sleep to activity tracking.


The battery is actually a disposable watch battery which lasts up to six months. After that you’ll need to get a replacement.

The Up Move takes all the data it sees about the way you get about and sticks it into the gorgeous UP app, full of interesting info about how to get better at living, eating and moving healthily, as well as pretty graphs of your progress.

Jawbone says that the gadget will ship into Australian stores, starting with the Apple online and retail stores, from “early November”.