The Internet’s Best Responses To Computer Engineer Barbie

The Internet’s Best Responses To Computer Engineer Barbie

Yesterday, the internet got wind of one of the more recent installments in the Barbie literary canon, I Can Be a Computer Engineer. As it turns out, Barbie’s idea of being a computer engineer consists mostly of freaking out and asking Steven and Brian to fix her bad dumb girl code. Fortunately, the awesome backlash has almost made all that head-smashing worth it. Almost.

It didn’t take long for #FeministHackerBarbie to start trending on Twitter, and with it came some fantastic reinterpretations (to put it kindly) of the absurdity at hand. We’ve compiled some of the internet’s best responses to the computer engineer Barbie debacle. And if you feel so inspired, show us some of your own Barbie bastardizations down below.

This site lets you create your own, which people have been making in droves. From the extra geeky:

To the extra Steven-bashing:

And then Tumblr got in on the fun:

As did Twitter:

And as always, the kind people of Amazon have quite a bit to say on the matter themselves. Like this:

And this:

Or even this:

Of course, someone did thankfully create an age-friendly “remix” of the book, which you can download in its entirety here. Because apparently, Matel needs all the help it can get. Just like Barbie.