The First Trailer For 'Furious 7' Promises The Best Fast & Furious Movie Yet

They're back! Everyone's favourite family of motoring lunatics are coming back for one more ride in the Fast and Furious universe, and from the first trailer, it looks fasterer and furiouser than ever.

The last time we left the Fast & Furious crew, they'd just performed a pretty epic take-down of a London-based baddie, and restored the infamous Letty (Michelle Rodriguez).

Now in the latest chapter of the vehicular saga, the crew's life of daring missions to rescue damsels (going from the trailer) is interrupted by a revenge vendetta from the former villain's brother, played by professional arse-kicker, Jason Statham.

Honestly, I'm just sad Statham isn't reprising his role as Chev Chelios from Crank. A Crank and Fast & Furious crossover is what the world needs.

The other, legitimately sad thing, is that this is the first look at Paul Walker's last role ever. Walker died in a horrible car crash while the film was shooting, and for a spell it looked like it wouldn't be completed. The trailer is full of subtle allusions and long pauses on Walker's character. Sad face.

What do you think of the latest Fast movie?

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