The Diavel Titanium Is Today's Sleek, Sexy And Super-Exclusive Motorbike

Limited edition motorcycles are all the rage these days and while Ducati's freshly-announced Diavel Titanium isn't as exclusive as Ronin Motor Works' pride and joy, it's only going to have a production run of 500... which means it's still going to be a rare pick up. What makes it so special, other than its planned scarcity? Well, it has specs, you see.

Probably the main point of interest is the Titanium's Testastretta 11° L-Twin, liquid-cooled engine with four "desmodromically actuated valves" per cylinder. If you had to go and look up what "desmodromic" means, don't be ashamed... I did to.

The engine also has a displacement of 1198cc, and can produced 119kW of power at 9250rpm and 130.5Nm of torque at 8000rpm.

The bike itself is encased in a steel-tube trellis chassis with a "dark" chrome finish and the whole thing weighs 205kg, sans petrol. I'd like to tell you the price, but, well, not even Ducati is ready to part with that information yet, so just save your dollars and be disappointed when the thing is declared ridiculously expensive.

[Ducati, via Uncrate]

Photos: Ducati

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