That Kim Kardashian Game Just Made $US43 Million

When I think Kim Kardashian game, I don't give it much thought. When I think Kim Kardashian anything, I don't give it much thought. But whether you care about the fasionista or not, the success of Kim Kardashian: Hollywood has mader her a big player in the mobile gaming space.

Glu Mobile has raked in $US43 million over the last three months, making Kim Kardashian: Hollywood its highest earner. Though one might wonder how much they payed for the Kardashian name, given their prediction the game would bring in $US200 by the end of the year. Was that number just chest puffing, or did they bank on it?

They'll shout their success from the rooftops either way, and it won't be hard — the app has enjoyed almost 23 million installations, and 5.7 billion minutes played.

Kardashian, the woman famous for being famous about nothing, does at least know about her game, though it's unclear if she's played it. Enough to defend it, anyway, from claims that it's addictive. Even if that defence comes down to "It's just something fun to do."

It seems to take advantage of a standard F2P formula, albeit instead of matching gems or building farms, you're building up the rep of a celebrity and try to acquire all the things. Whoever is in charge of the monetisation clearly knows what they're doing, though. I'll take the Malibu House for $US10, thanks.


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