That Hovering Tetris Tower Game Is Finally Available To Drive You Mad

First revealed at Toy Fair 2014 way back in February, ThinkGeek's Hoverkraft Levitating Construction Challenge game is finally available. It promises all the fun of Jenga and Tetris, but with the added twist that you have to build your tower atop an unstable platform that's actually floating. So all that fun instead becomes maddening frustration.

That Hovering Tetris Tower Game Is Finally Available To Drive You Mad

Rolling an included die has players either adding one of the 24 translucent plastic blocks to the tower, or taking one away. Like with Jenga, as long as the tower is still standing after their move, the game continues. But when a player brings the tower crashing down, they're declared the loser, and the game is over.

The Hoverkraft's gameboard is kept aloft by five strategically-placed rare earth magnets, while a set of glowing blue LEDs ups the overall coolness factor. You can tell your friends the hovering is courtesy of some recently de-classified NASA tech, just don't tell them the game cost $US30, and they will have no reason to doubt your claims. [ThinkGeek]


    I wonder if we can get these over here, what with the whole "NO" factor on importing rare earth magnets easily here

      Just added it to my cart on ThinkGeek which means they will ship it to Australia. I've tried to order other stuff in the past that they won't ship to Australia and it usually gives a warning on the product page, so this should be good. As for whether it would get through customs, shouldn't be a problem. ThinkGeek don't put a contents manifest on the box, and even if they did it wouldn't list the contents of the contents, so no way for customs to pick up on it unless they randomly open the package. Additionally, the problem with rare earth magnets is the really small ones that can be easily ingested by a child, the magnets in this product are sealed in the base or platform. I have the Smart Mass Black Hole Putty and it comes with a rare earth magnet, that shipped to Australia fine.

      tl;dr. Yes, order away.

      Last edited 10/11/14 8:48 am

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