Taylor Swift’s Spotify Breakup, In Her Own Words

Taylor Swift’s Spotify Breakup, In Her Own Words

You can’t hear Taylor Swift on Spotify anymore. The singer/songwriter/cat-wrangling priestess of modern romance is not a fan of the rates streaming services pay artists.

Here are Swift’s words, and then Spotify’s, on that.

Many of Taylor’s songs have gained attention for their direct references to her real-life relationships. Taking a closer look at her lyrics, the singer’s fraught relationship to Spotify is obvious:

I used to think that we were forever ever, like I got this music in my mind.

Oh, a simple complication. Miscommunications lead to fall-out. I just… I mean this is exhausting. Remind me how it used to be.You changed the rules, I got tired of waiting, wondering if you were ever coming around. I’m sick and tired of your attitude .

The haters gonna hate hate hate hate hate.

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