Steam Sales Are Back: Brace Yourself For Sweet, Sweet Bargains

Ready your wallets. Prime your credit cards. Boot up your PC because it's time to wade back into the glorious waters of Steam's beautiful gaming sale. Here are some of the bargains we've seen so far.

Watch Dogs is half price at $US37.47; Don't Starve is 75 per cent off at just $US3.74 (buy this game!); Counter Strike: Global Offensive is half price at $US7.49; the amazing FTL: Faster Than Light is 70 per cent off at $US2.99, and Civilisation V: The Complete Edition is just $US19.99, which is also 75 per cent off.

These are just a few deals: right now Steam has 1863 titles on sale. PHWOAR.

This is just the beginning. The sales run through to 2 December, and new deals will pop up every 24 hours or so.

Our wallets can't repel deals of that magnitude!

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