Sony's SmartWatch 3 Gets An Australian Price Tag

Turns out if you want to know how much an upcoming Sony device is going to cost, you don't have to annoy your favourite gadget retailer or scour the rumour forums of the internet. No, you can just go straight to the source. Last week the local branch of the company was happy to share the price of the Xperia Z3 Compact tablet and now if you hit up its site, you can see how much the SmartWatch 3 will set you back.

If you hit up the SmartWatch 3's product page on the Sony Australia website, you'll see the RRP is set at $299.99, though you can't actually buy one yet. Aside from this tidbit, there's not a great deal of other information to sink your teeth into — its reported battery life is two days, there's support for Micro USB, Bluetooth and NFC, it weighs 45g and comes with a 320 x 320, 1.6-inch LCD display.

Slowly but surely we're getting a nice selection of smartwatches to choose from, though you might have to spend some time figuring out exactly what gadgets you need. I'm sure someone could make the argument for owning a phone, tablet and smartwatch, but it's becoming harder to know which ones you really need... and which are just going to gather dust.

[Sony, via Ausdroid]

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