Sony PlayStation TV: Australian Pricing And Release Date

Sony PlayStation TV: Australian Pricing And Release Date

Backwards-compatibility on today’s new next-gen consoles is something we sorely need. Sony hopes to give it to us with the PlayStation TV: a cute little micro-console that’s finally coming out in Australia.

PlayStation TV is what Sony calls a “micro-console” that connects to your TV and allows you to play PlayStation Vita, PSP and PS One games, as well as stream movies and TV shows.

It’s a small black box that connects to a via HDMI cable. Inside of that box are the guts of a PlayStation Vita handheld gaming system. It features a plug to connect to a wired network (built-in wireless as well), a USB port, a socket for the power adaptor and two slots, one for a proprietary Sony memory card and one that accepts retail Vita games.

This little micro-console is coming to Australia on November 14 for $149.95. No word on retailers yet, but we’ll update you when we hear more about that.

Mike Fahey also contributed to this article.