Rosetta's Comet Sound Matches The Flight Of The Bumblebee Perfectly

Rosetta's comet sound matches the Flight of the Bumblebee perfectly

Apparently, the spacey audio track from Comet 67P and mix it with the orchestral performance of Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov's Flight of The Bumblebee? Universal perfection! Just listen to this awesome mashup.


    Seriously? Just what kind of schizophrenia does the mixer have in thinking this goes with Flight of the Bumblebee? It's about as effective as a chainsaw accompanying Strauss's Blue Danube.

    I seriously thought it sounded similar to Flight of the Bumblebee as well. Which is how I ended up here. Granted it's not an orchestra or the tones but th timing of the clicks is similar to the strings just not the same pitch.

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