Report: Foxconn Is Building A Display Plant To Make Sapphire Glass

Report: Foxconn Is Building a Display Plant to Make Sapphire Glass

Foxconn is said to be gearing up to produce sapphire glass — the tough screen covering many were expecting to see in the iPhone 6 — in a newly purchased plant.

According to Focus Taiwan, the China Economic Weekly reports that Foxconn has signed an agreement to begin building a "display factory" on a site right next to its iPhone assembly lines. What's more, the reports claim that the main aim is to fabricate the sapphire glass that could toughen the screens of future phones. Cue speculation that the next generation of iPhone will feature a sapphire screen.

Of course, we've already heard more than a few rumours about iPhones sporting sapphire glass that ultimately came to nothing, so it may not pay to hold your breath. But if anyone can make a go of slathering the an iPhone in sapphire, it's probably Foxconn itself. We'll just have to wait, oh, ten months. [Focus Taiwan via MacRumors]

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