Remember That Movie About Nazis On The Moon? There’s Another One

Remember That Movie About Nazis On The Moon? There’s Another One

When it came out in 2012, Iron Sky was a cult hit. It didn’t have the most cerebral plot ever devised, but it was good honest fun — Nazis on the moon, people. Over 10 per cent of the movie’s funding came from online crowd-funding, and it may surprise you to know that part of it was filmed in Queensland. Now, there’s a sequel. Here’s the trailer!

Iron Sky: Nazis, Sci-Fi and The Aussie Connection

The second Iron Sky movie is called Iron Sky: The Coming Race, and just like the first movie it’s aiming to source a sizeable chunk of funding from online donors. Over $75,000 of the $500,000 Indiegogo goal has already been donated, and it’s not hard to see why. Check out this amazing sounding synopsis:

Twenty years after the events of Iron Sky, the former Nazi Moonbase has become the last refuge of mankind. Earth was devastated by a nuclear war, but buried deep under the wasteland lies a power that could save the last of humanity – or destroy it once and for all. The truth behind the creation of mankind will be revealed when an old enemy leads our heroes on an adventure into the Hollow Earth. To save humanity they must fight the Vril, an ancient shapeshifting reptilian race and their army of dinosaurs.

Check out the movie’s teaser trailer below:

And here’s the filmmaking team’s Indiegogo proposal for your approval: