Pusha T Hates On Apple Watch In New Kanye-Produced Track ‘Lunch Money’

Pusha T is coming out of the gate with a little Apple Watch hate. Here, right in the first few bars of the new Kanye West-produced “Lunch Money”, he delivers a punchline at the expense of the Apple Watch:

Mami tryna land a Sinatra/So she don’t f**k n****s with Apple Watches/Cuz Rolex shoppin’ is more exciting

I mean, yeah. Apple Watch starts at $US350. A Rolex can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Rappers love gadgets, but from what I can tell Pusha T is the first rapper to rag on Apple Watch, and it’s not even out yet.

I’m with him though. Apple Watch is never going to be a Rolex. People will camp out for Apple Watch. You cannot camp out for a Rolex. Pusha T has a point. [In Flex We Trust via Pitchfork]

Art: Sam Woolley