This Video Makes Me Want To Watch True Detective Again

This video makes me want to watch True Detective again

If you haven't watched True Detective yet, first, what the heck is wrong with you. And second, you should probably stay away from this absolutely fantastic video, Landscapes from Louisiana by Jaume R. Lloret, that stitches together the general shots from this most excellent TV show. For everyone else, go ahead.

There's not too many spoilers but there'll be some scenes that may give away too much information (even if you have no idea what's going on).

But if you watched and loved the series like I did, the video is so well made that it will remind you how much you enjoyed True Detective and make you seriously consider staying up all night and watching it all over again on HBO Go (with a six pack of Lone Star, of course). That's the best idea I've had since I decided to watch True Detective in the first place.