Of Course Christopher Nolan Hid Easter Eggs In The Interstellar Bookshelf

The best thing about Christopher Nolan's films is that they make you think, and Interstellar is no different: it's a brain-twister in places. The attentive few are set to be rewarded when they watch the space epic, especially if close attention is paid during the mysterious bookshelf scene. Don't worry: this is a spoiler-free post.

One scene in particular during Interstellar sees the cast pay close attention to a bookshelf, with Murph wondering if it's a ghost in her room, knocking books off the shelf.

The books themselves, however, aren't random. Nolan carefully selected them to closely mirror the themes in Interstellar.

Nolan is guest-editing an issue of WIRED Magazine this month, and wrote about the books he chose over there. If you've seen it and don't mind a spoiler or two, check it out!