KFC Australia's New Hashbrown Double: Lifehacker Video Taste Test

Lunch time! How about a rasher of bacon, two slices of cheese and a hash brown between two chicken breast fillets? Oh, yes. Earlier this week our friends at Lifehacker got to sink their teeth into the new limited-edition “bunless” burger. Let's see how it tastes...

So how much and how many calories? Read Lifehacker's full taste test report for full details.

KFC Wants To 3D Scan/Print You...

To commemorate the debut of Hashbrown Double, KFC is offering Double fans the chance to be 3D scanned to create a 3D statue of their own noggins chowing down on the snack.

From November 10, KFC's Immortalise Yourself Tour will see five of its flagship stores in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Launceston kitted out with latest in 3D printing technology. The first 10 customers who buy the Hash Brown Double in each store will then be scanned and printed into a 3D golden trophy. Information will be posted at facebook.com/KFCAustralia soon.

In the meantime, Lifehacker has the early heads-up on the tour dates — and has also organised for one Lifehacker reader to get a 3D-printed golden statue of their own. ENTER HERE TO WIN.

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