Jurassic World Gets Its First Official Trailer, And It's Awesome

And here we thought we'd have to wait until tomorrow to get our teeth around the new trailer for Jurassic World. But lo, it's here today! Get in here and look at dinosaurs tearing up the theme park of the future.

First of all: OH GOD I'M SO EXCITED.


Jurassic World is set almost 20 years after the events of the first Jurassic Park film, where a company called the Masrani Corporation is taking up the work that INGEN and John Hammond did with resurrecting living, breathing dinosaurs to make a theme park. The theme park, Jurassic World, is open and accepting visitors, which means it got further as an idea than any of Hammond's old plans.

After a bit of genetic mucking around in the lab on Isla Nublar, the Jurassic World team manage to create a new super-dinosaur. Which is always a good idea when talking about some of the most stupidly deadly creatures on Earth.

It all, predictably, seems to go wrong for those on the island, and it's up to Raptor-specialist Owen — played by Chris Pratt — and his team of super-Raptors must hunt down the rogue dinosaur.

Jurassic World hits theatres in June next year.

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