Jolla Will Ship Its 7-Inch, Crowdfunded, Open Source Tablet To Australia

You can be forgiven for not having heard of the Jolla tablet. It's being touted by the company of the same name as the "world's first" crowdfunded tablet (sigh). Why does it matter now? Well, the company just decided via public vote that it's going to be launching in Australia once it gets built.

The Jolla (pronounced 'yolla') tablet is powered by an open source operating system called Sailfish, and it packs in a 7-inch screen with 330ppi.

The device has already smashed its crowdfunding target of $US380,000, having earned itself almost $US1.2 million in the first half of its crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo.

Following a public vote on its forum, Jolla decided that it would sell the tablet outside of the US by shipping it to backers in both Canada and here in Australia.

"You voted, we listened! We're happy to announce that the two most voted countries currently, Australia and Canada, are now added to the Jolla Tablet campaign. Australians and Canadians, show us your support and encourage even more people to join the Jolla movement," the crew wrote on its blog.

While I generally hate crowdfunding and anything touting itself as a "world-first", getting more gadgets into Australia is always good in my books.

The estimated delivery date is in May next year, and you can back the project here.

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