JetBlue Seats Are About To Get Even More Cramped

JetBlue Seats Are About To Get Even More Cramped

It’s a dark day for personal space bubbles everywhere: JetBlue is about to cram 15 more seats into its Airbus A320. What’s more, after being one of the only remaining major airline holdouts, it’s also finally caving in and tacking on baggage fees. Delightful.

The move comes in response to airlines’ ever-increasing financial pressures. But to JetBlue’s credit, it will purportedly still offer more legroom in coach than any other major airline — at least according to its own calculations. So even though we’ll be going from an already cramped 150 seats to a preposterous 165, it will still have a 1.3cm over the closest competition. Even if JetBlue’s seat pitch did lose a solid 3.8cm in total.

JetBlue Seats Are About to Get Even More Cramped

And as your legroom is getting tossed out the window, so is your free checked bag. Though we still have yet to see how much it will actually be charging, we do know that it’s at least more than Southwest, the only remaining airline that doesn’t force you to pay for your changes of underwear.

But hey, at least we still have seats. For now. [JetBlue via Wall Street Journal]