Jawbone UP3 Hands On: A Fitness Tracker With Some Fashion Sense

Jawbone UP3 Hands On: A Fitness Tracker With Some Fashion Sense

Everybody’s vying for fitness tracker dominance. Microsoft released its Band last week, and new models of the Fitbit and Basis smartwatches are on the way. Now, Jawbone wants create a fashionable fitness tracker that you wouldn’t mind wearing all day.

With two new additions to its fitness family, the UP3 and the UP Move, Jawbone is trying to appeal to anyone and everyone interested in tracking their health. The UP3 is a slim feature-packed wearable, but more importantly it looks great. Much like the Jawbone Jambox speakers, the UP3 features a whole host of different textured, colourful designs you can wear on your wrist. They’re way more fashion-friendly than your typical fitness trackers with its bulky and awkward presence.

On the actual fitness side of things, the UP3 packs adds bioimpedance sensors and temperature sensors to the standard accelerometer you’d expect. The bioimpedance sensors are pretty neat since they run a microcurrent across the wearer’s skin to measure heart rate, respiration, stress and fatigue. Two LED indicators sit on the top of the capacitive case to mark when the tracker is in sleep mode or when you’re starting a new activity.

The UP3 ships later this year for $US180 and will only detect resting heart rate and sleep patterns to start, but more added features will arrive in over-the-air firmware updates. The UP3 is also joined by the simple $US50 UP Move, which just tracks activity and sleep in a disc shaped package that’s clearly gunning for the Misfit Shine. Personally, I think the Shine looks far more elegant, but it’s also double the price.

The UP3 will go one sale sometime in 2014, but the date hasn’t been determined. However, you can pre-order the UP Move right now if you’re looking for an inexpensive way to break into the quantified self game. The UP3 and and Up Move will join the current UP24, not replace it, and create Jawbone’s first family of fitness devices. So if Jawbone’s first few wearables didn’t do anything for you, well, now you’ve got some choices.