Jawbone UP3: Track More Stuff Than Ever With This Tiny Band

Jawbone UP3: Track More Stuff Than Ever With This Tiny Band

So you’ve been tracking your steps and sleep for a while, but what if it’s not enough for you. What if you want to track way more stuff? That’s where the Jawbone UP3 comes into play, with heart rate tracking and new bioimpedance sensors.

The UP3 packs in loads of sensors for the next generation, with a new three-axis accelerometer so the app has a better idea of how you move; a skin and ambient temperature sensor; a heart rate sensor to track your resting and active heartrate and more detailed sleep sensors.

Using all these new sensors, the UP app and UP sensor will be able to give you a better look at how you live than ever.

The new resting heart rate sensor will give you a “baseline” indicator of your heart health so you can track your fitness improvements over time. The band figures out when you’re just about to wake up when it’s in sleep mode and takes your heart rate at that point every day for an active measurement

There’s also new sleep algorithms that tap into the new sensors. As a result, you will no longer have to activate and deactivate Sleep mode, and you get a better look at your sleep. REM sleep, light sleep and deep sleep are all tracked now, as well as time spent sleeping as per usual.

The UP app now also takes the information from your band as you perform fitness activities to guess what you’re doing. If it can’t figure it out first time, it asks and then learns that for next time in the Smart Coach section of your app.

On top of all that, it’s still designed by Yves Behar and built out of an anodised aluminium frame with a hard plastic shell. It’s water resistant up to 10 metres for the first time so you can go swimming with it, and a new strap means it’s not about to come off easily either.

The UP3 is also the smallest Jawbone UP wristband to date, smaller than the original Jawbone and the UP24.

The UP3 is landing in stores from “early November”, and it’s going to run you $229.99.

Jawbone will still sell the old UP24 band $179.99, as well as the new UP Move for $69.99.