It's Official: Netflix To Launch In Australia And New Zealand In March 2015

Netflix is finally coming to Australia, with the company announcing its intentions to launch Down Under in March 2015.

After months of maybes and maybe nots, Netflix officially announced today that it's "heading down under".

Netflix announced it would offer its service to Australians and New Zealanders from March 2015.

It will stream high-def content to Aussies and Kiwis, and even offer "4K [content] where available".

"At launch, the premium and unique Netflix offering will include such original series as Marco Polo, BoJack Horseman and, among many kids titles, DreamWorks Animation’s All Hail King Julien."

Details are very brief at this stage, but at least now we know it's for real: Netflix is coming to Australia, and we only have to wait four more months for it to get here.


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Speaking exclusively with Gizmodo, upcoming Australian-based Stan claims its service will not only carry the content Aussies were desperate to watch, but also content that nobody else could carry in the local market.

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    well, about time, i had enough with the ridiculous priced Foxtel

    Chances are I'll continue to use US Netflix due to Foxtel exclusive rights.

      Stick with US account since it will be cheaper but there will be exclusive AUS content not on US store and just turn off Hola/VPN to watch that.

        Yeah, don't want to miss out on the latest episode of Bondi Electrician or Gold Coast Airport Security Guard.

          Does Netflix even have reality shows?

          Last edited 19/11/14 10:09 am

            I think so... I recall my girlfriend watching some horrible show about American beauty pageants

            I haven't come across any, but maybe the suggestion algorithm has me figured out already....

          You forgot Geelong's Next Top Model and Wagga Wagga Reno Frenzy.

            Who are we kidding, Geelongs 'next top girl' is probably even a stretch.

      Assuming they don't go through and kill off all the US accounts they know are actually Australians, that is. :\

        Wouldn't matter, regardless of where your account is based/paid for, you still get thew content based on geography, so VPN or DNS would give an Aus account USA/UK/CAN content as desired. A lot of current users within these countries already switch back and forth to get more content. (I can only watch House of Lies in Canada, and Sons of ANarchy in USA)

        How do you use it with a US account? I tried to open my account I had in Canada over here in Australia and it wouldn't let me. Thanks

      You have to join the Aussie netflix. I personally will try have both. For the only reason that Netflix Aus will need to show revenue in order to be able to get the rights to shows. If you don't sign up, Netflix will fail like every other streaming service.

    As usual, it's worth remembering that giant elephant in the room that is content exclusivity deals and the fact that Foxtel owns a *lot* of the shows that Aussies are going to expect Netflix to have.

      People have to remember that Netflix isn't really an up to date catch up service like Hulu and don't exclusivity deals only affect new episodes?

      Really, Foxtel can't really buy exclusivity rights to Netflix made shows like House of Cards and Orange is the New Black.

        Actually, depending on whatever licencing agreements they signed with the overseas rights holders, it is entirely possible for them to have exclusive rights in Australia for a period of x years.

          If the monopoly was smart they would fix their business model before business is lost. What's the alternative? They maintain their model out of stubborn spite!? A sure way to go out of business.

            The smartest thing for Foxtel to do right now is to hang onto those exclusives with everything they've got.

      That sure sounds like a great way for foxtel to slowly go bankrupt. They are going to lose a lot of their customers, even if they only lose a few, they will have to compete for content with a dwindelling customer base. Why? Basic rules of business. For everyone 1 customer you p*ss off, you will lose 4 others.

      Its hilarious that the Australian industry is only now realising on demand services are being screaming for by their customers. A realization after the proverbial horse has bolted when the opportunity was their to setup business.

        I agree it's a crap way to do business, but Foxtel aren't in danger of going out anytime soon. That's pretty optimistic, especially if they retain exclusivity deals for popular shows.

        They've still got live sport, and until Australia stops caring about that (or streaming services start getting broadcast rights), their business is solid.

          Exactly. The only reason i have my foxtel is for Docos and primarily for live sport. NRL, AFL, Cricket and just about any live sport from anywhere.

          Give people orange is the new black all you like, in australia, sport is king; and will be for the foreseeable future. FoxSports wins hands down for mine (dont hate, however, i dont agree with foxtel's pricing). Where else are you gonna get that content?

    God I hope they are comparable to their US stuff... I'd be willing to pay a premium, for decent content in HD..! :)

      its only going to be in 720p mate. Stick to the US account :)

        It will stream high-def content to Aussies and Kiwis, and even offer “4K [content] where available”. If they are offering 4K I'm pretty sure Super HD (1080P) will be on offer....

    Foxtel crappin' in their pants in 3...2....1....

      I think they already did...

      its ok, they will try to ban i or something

        Well to be fair Foxtel only did that because it's senile & forgets where it is and thinks it's still in control of everything.

          its basically an extension of its major owner then isnt it.....ahhhhhh poor (not so much) old (correct) Rupert.

      Nope. I suspect their exclusivity deals will hold tight.

    good thing you can sign up locally and then use service like Unotelly SmartDNS to watch US Netflix content with your AU Netflix account.

      I've had a US acct for years. Does region swapping work already?

        I just use Hola, free unblocker extension for chrome to switch between the US and UK for different content.

          no hola for ps4

            You can do it at your modem level, but you'll have to drop about $2 extra for the service.

    Foxtel is irrelevant to most Australians who don't already have their service, and don't own one of the 5 device models their app supports.

    Netflix isn't competing with foxtel, it's competing with free to air TV/movie watchers who might also rent the occasional flick. It's also competing with current quickflix subscribers.

    Foxtel don't care that most Australians with a mobile phone can't use their app, but as I said in my Google Play Store rating of the app, Foxtel's future depends on the Foxtel Go app being opened up to everybody with Android.

    People expect the same app subscription can be used on their phone, tablet, chromecast, and even their chromebook. Foxtel can't provide that but Netflix can.

    If you are keen on google products, Netflix is the one for you (until google release a "all access movies & TV" product).

    Last edited 19/11/14 9:54 am

      This is why not all Android apps work on all android devices.

      It's a fundamental problem with Android and why Android development will always remain like sucking balls through a microstraw without use of your mouth...

      However, Foxtel should at least support the most popular devices list:

        I've never had an app not work on several different Android devices. However I don't buy low specced crap and I wouldn't use something like Foxtel Go. I'm pretty sure you could just sideload it anyway and spoof your phone model if they check that.

        Netflix for everyone.

        That is no excuse for a company with the resources (and money) of Foxtel!

        There is no technical reason why they can't do it and i'll tell you why:
        1) Quickflix app works on ALL android devices
        2) telstra has a mobile foxtel from telstra app that works on all android devices

        Foxtel are encouraging people to pirate. (well, the people who like to watch while commuting anyway)

    Any word on a price yet? Also will ISPs come to the party with data? That was the drama I had with "sampling" Netflix before hand, it ate into a BIG amount of my data usage.

    Well.. What is the catch? Are we getting all the titles in the US verson of Netflix? Probably not :(

    Haha, Foxtel dropped their prices.

    So is Netflix gonna play nice and give us EVERYTHING that American netflix has? Or are they gonna geoblock us and select what and when we see shows?

      I don't think Netflix will be allowed to provide the same as the US Netflix. Stan has exclusive AU distribution to Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul, and Foxtel has exclusive AU rights to just about everything HBO and FX makes, including Game of Thrones.

      Things might change in years to come, but for now, Netflix is not going to be a one-stop shop for everything we want.

        Netflix doesn't stream many (if any at all) HBO or FX shows anyway.
        HBO's proposed streaming service next year will solve that anyway...

      They have different content now for US and UK subscribers for instance, this is actually a plus, as there are extra shows on one service and not the other, and a simple geo-service lets you switch between locations.
      The UK Netflix has a ton of UK television shows that aren't on the US Netflix for instance.

    This is absolutely awesome news, you will find next year that Foxtel will fast track more shows and substantially reduce their package prices.

    Ok, it might be neutered at first but it does open the door for more choices when it comes to TV in this country.

      Even switching to any of the other regions gives you access to a heap of 'newer' movies. There is a Unblock US app where you can easily switch regions on your phone. I have no reason to leave the couch.

    This is a good thing. But do remember that your internet connection has to be at least 5Mbps down to stream HD Netflix and over 25Mbps for 4k, see link below

    Another reason we need the NBN...preferably FTTP

    Netflix Internet Connection Speed Recommendations:

      So long as we get local servers it won't be a problem. Though I am doubtful we will get them.

    Alrighty, time to place bets! What odds can I get on Netflix AU costing double the US? Double, or triple? And 80-90% of the content, but - and this is important - only 30-50% of the popular content? And our powerball option: will they or won't they start cutting off Australian subscribers to Netlix US?

      I don't think they can cut you off from the US Netflix... You just get a VPN and change the region of your subscription.
      I would be placing my money on it being more expensive and with less content , It's not really netflix' fault though.. It's the way media rights are bought out the Australian media moguls.

      They are being extremely and overtly tight-lipped regarding any details of their launch in AU. This seems to be a bit of a red flag to me, and I wouldn't be at all surprised if current AU subscribers get properly geo-blocked in the near future.

        Great tag-line for them.

        "Netflix Australia: It's Not What You Expect!"

    I've never used the American Netflix, but I wouldn't be surprised if the Australian Netflix ends up having funeral insurances ads running on it every 5 minutes, just like Foxtel does. Besides that, doesn't Netflix use up all of your monthly data if you watch it a lot?

      It doesnt use a lot of data... I watch it virtually every night and the girlfirends watches it heaps too , It basically has replaced free to air for us. We dont go over 200gb a month

        Do you watch it in SD or HD? I watch most stuff, including youtube in SD because of the slow adsl2 speeds here.

          Im able to watch it in HD , it starts out in sd but then scales up after a minute or two.
          I have it set to watch in the best quality possible

      No ads on Netflix...
      Not even banner ads

        Sure? I was watching Netflix at my brothers place on his PS4 and it had ads. He used a DNS tool to watch the US-Netflix, maybe because it was PS4 based?

          Can't comment on the PS version.
          Android and PC versions have no ads.
          Watch one or other pretty much daily.

          I'd be surprised if other versions had them, it's the same content servers after all.

    One step closer to curbing piracy and a step in the right direction at least. People might say it's still not enough but it's better than nothing...

    Just gimme Game Of Thrones cheap. That's all I want.

    Like others I'll have a look when it's here but I'm keeping my US account, good to see they are finally make their way across the pond though.

      I'm guessing that we'll now get official apps on smart TV's, consoles, etc, making it even easier to access your US account (using DNS forwarders/VPN).

    Dear Foxtel and others who showed no backbone to the rights holders,

    Now is a very good time to start taking notes and acting on them.

    An Australian Consumer.

    I really hope the Netflix Windows Media Center plugin becomes available here. Full integration with the existing setup would be awesome!

    Really, who cares about 1 yr old shows on Netflix anyway? Unlimited movies is the bigger draw card.

    The US catch up TV services have new episodes and the free-to-air networks streaming on the web is totally free, just need a region unblocker.

    Can't wait for Netflix to launch in NZ. Telecom just launched a service called "Lightbox", but it's complete garbage with shows I have never heard of and no movies. At the moment I use a VPN for my US Netflix account, but will support them locally too.

    Thanks for the article Luke. For those who live outside USA and want to access Netflix, you can use UnoTelly. It changes your IP address so you can get US Netflix.

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