Inside Sydney's First Gaming Bar, Spawn Point

Sydney's first gaming bar opens tomorrow night, the 15th of November. We went over there today to take a few photos and see how the place is shaping up before the big night, and it's looking swanky.

Brisbane has seemingly had a gaming bar for so long now that I've just put a mental block between my consciousness and my desire to have a cool go-to bar in the city for both beer and games. Sydney is a big city, and I'd love to have a default bar full of like-minded people, but the Mana Bar owners were wary of the segmented nature of Sydney's nightlife. In Brisbane, if you go out, you go out to the Valley. Sydney has no equivalent.

For Ben Mudie, founder of Spawn Point, the answer was the CBD. A short walk from Town Hall station, Spawn Point is at the basement of 199 Clarence St, right next to the Red Oak pub.

Over at Kotaku, we had the first look at Spawn Point back in May, but it was all blueprints and 3D models. Now, it's iRL. And just look at it:

Awesome. More pics incoming when we head over for another drink tomorrow night!

You can keep up to date with what's happening at the bar on its Facebook page. Will you be checking it out tomorrow night?

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