Here Are Some Amusing Moments From Australian Game Shows

Every game show the world over has its fair share of entertaining contestants and hosts. These days, anything considered too risqué is edited out, but the odd amusing moment still manages to make it in from time to time. This was more the case in years gone by and Australia was by no means immune, as this video shows.

A YouTube channel by the name of "Stupid Game Show Answers" seems to have made its purpose to capture these brief periods in compilation form, with its most recent upload focusing entirely on our own brand of winning.

Along with Bert Newton at his best and Ian Turpie dealing with a perpetual motion prizes wheel, we also see a man who might want to get himself checked for colour blindness... though he sure knows his shapes.

There's definitely a laugh or two to be had in the video, but really, nothing compares to the genius of Bradley Walsh on UK games show The Chase.


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