Google's Spending $1 Billion On An Old NASA Hangar, No One Knows Why

Google's Spending $US1 Billion on an Old NASA Hangar, No One Knows Why

Planetary Ventures, a Google shell company, just signed a very expensive lease on a very large building and airfield in Silicon Valley. The lease in question will cost the search giant $US1.16 billion over the term of 60 years. The building and airfield in question is the Moffett Field, where Google's founders have been landing their private jets for years.

Of course, we knew this was coming. All the way back in February, NASA announced the deal with Google slash Planetary Ventures. Now it's a done deal, and NASA revealed the specifics in a press release. In addition to that very large price tag, the agency said that it would save about $US6.3 million annually in maintenance costs. That's great!

NASA Administrator Charles Bolden's explanation of why that's so great is priceless. "As NASA expands its presence in space, we are making strides to reduce our footprint here on Earth," said NASA Administrator Charles Bolden. "We want to invest taxpayer resources in scientific discovery, technology development and space exploration — not in maintaining infrastructure we no longer need."

You heard that right. NASA busy building shit in space, probably a wormhole or a time machine or something. Who knows what an internet company is going to do with an airfield. Buy more private jets, maybe? [NASA]

Picture: Flickr / Todd Lappin

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    Hope this fares better than the barges did.

    Those crazy Google kids and there great wads of cash!

    Can't wait to book my ticket on Google Galactic!

    Given that this thing can house a massive dirigible, I can only imagine high altitude WiFi balloons..? Maybe a high altitude space launch system..? :)

    A good place to launch these:

    Clearly they are building a space ark.

    By monitoring people's Gmail accounts they have learned that there is a massive asteroid on the way that will cause a mass extinction.

    They are using their vast fortune to create a space ark that will save as many people as possible. Those people just happen to be all of Google's employees.

    Most of their recent research and investment has been in someway related to Google Ark. They purchased Boston Dynamics so they could create various robots needed. Their self-driving cars will enable Google Employees to get to the launch site without any problems. Those barges contained monitoring equipment designed to detect if/when the earth is habitable again.

    It all makes sense people!

      The flaw to that plan is that the socially awkward Google employees will be unable to engage the opposite sex and therefore fail to procreate. Human's will become extinct 80 years after the Ark's launch.

        This isn't an episode of the Big Bang Theory - not all people who work at Google are the stereotypical social outcast. Google has daycare centres and parental leave policies for a reason.

    At least they spend their money unlike Apple who likes to store it like uncle scrooge.

    Google knows all. Alpha Stage, acquire means for Plan G; take over the world.

    Unmanned Google drone base

    "This place looks badass. I'm going to buy it!"

    Its the space ship to get away from all the morons on earth

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