Google Just Gave You A Good Reason To Quit Spotify With Its New Streaming Service

Google Just Gave You a Good Reason to Quit Spotify

I signed up for Spotify three years ago, the day the service launched in the United States. $400 in subscription fees later, I'm still a member, and I've never regretted the money for a second. But for the first time since joining, I'm actually tempted to leave. YouTube Music Key might just win me over.

I have tried basically every possible streaming music service. Not just because it's part of my job, but because I'm a music nut and I want to use the best. I've never felt a compelling reason to leave my original Spotify subscription behind. I've come close and really like some competitors, but in the end all services have basically the same catalogues. They all use variations on the same discovery and recommendation systems.

For whatever neat interface improvement or deep cut catalogue nugget I could find from competitive streaming services, ultimately there was never enough of a reason to stomach the inconvenience of transitioning to something new. Spotify had my playlists and my playback history. Plus, it has the most subscribers in the United States, so I've got a lot of friends on board, too.

And then Google introduced YouTube Music Key, which gives YouTube all of the functionality its users have been clamoring for. First, you can watch music videos without any advertisements, so no more pre-roll before every darn Vevo hit. Second, you can now cache videos and playlists for offline playback on your phone. And finally, music will now continue to play in the background even when you switch to another app or lock your phone.

All of that, plus you get access to a full Google Music subscription, which is basically a Spotify clone. Once trials and introductory pricing wear off -- you can get in for $8/month for a limited time, and the first six months are free -- the whole shebang will cost $10 per month, the same exact amount as Spotify. In other words, you get the regular subscription music service you would be paying for anyway, plus a suite of neat new features that no one else can offer.

YouTube Music Key might just the compelling feature that actually differentiates it from the glut of otherwise identical services. I'm currently paying for both Google Music/YouTube Music Key and Spotify, and I'm having a hard time deciding which one I'll stick with. My ties to Spotify are so deep that I never really though it would be a question.

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    Except for the undoubtedly annoying "sorry this video isn't available in your country" or "the user has not made this video available on mobile" crap.

    YouTube uses *a lot* more data than any other streaming "radio" service, since youtube music key is a music video service.

    When you lock your phone or hop out of the app, will the app switch to streaming the mp3 only?

    Also some music videos on youtube have shocking sound quality.

      Aren't all these negatives covered by Google Music subscription which is included as part of Music Key?

    The artists are going to enjoy the 12c per million plays...

    I'll still keep my spotify subscription. I listen to music 99% more than I want to watch a music video. My place of solitude and music is the drive to & from work, the exact place I am not going to be watching music videos.

    "music will now continue to play in the background even when you switch to another app or lock your phone"

    Why hasnt this been part of youtube for years now still annoys me - I cant listen to podcasts on youtube without worrying to bump my phone and pausing it - not to mention not being able to use any other apps.

    I'll definitely be interested in this though,

      AudioGround is good app for playing just the audio in youtube videos, works great. Keeps running even when minimised.

    Was very tempted to switch over the Google Play Music when I got a Chromecast (Spotify is a nightmare to cast), but now I'm pretty much convinced.

    Stop with your shameful advertising of youtube.

    I signed up for Google Music when it came to Aus and locked in the $10pm price. I have *some* interest in music videos so I'm pretty happy I'll get the Youtube service as part of my subscription. Not sure I would pay for it as a standalone but Play Music and Youtube Music combined is pretty compelling.

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