Foxtel's New Prices And New Channels Kick In Today

With the news that Foxtel is keeping its exclusive stranglehold on amazing shows like Game Of Thrones for at least another year, you might find yourself considering getting a subscription for the next 12 months. Thankfully, Foxtel just lowered its prices and opened a new channel that lets you binge watch a tonne of old content from HBO.

Foxtel's new $25 entry price went live today, as well as the new Box Sets channel for those wanting to catch up on old seasons of their favourite show.

It starts with the Entertainment package, which features channels like Lifestyle, Fox8, MTV, BBC UKTV, Arena, Sky News and Sky News Business. From there, you bolt on additional packages.

The coveted Sports package — regarded as Foxtel's crown jewel — will cost $25 per month extra, and include six Fox Sports channels, two ESPN channels, FOX Footy and Euro Sport.

Entertainment Plus is an extra $10 per month and includes channels like Comedy, SyFy, Style, TLC, E!, A&E, Food, Lifestyle Home and Lifestyle You.

The Movies channel is an extra $20 per month and bundles in nine genre-specific movie channels, while a Docos package featuring 10 Discovery and History channel properties will cost an extra $10 per month.

The Kids package is also $10 per month, while a new Drama tier featuring Showcase (for HBO shows), BBC First, 13th Street, FX, SoHo and the new Boxsets channel will run you $20 per month.

HD will cost you an extra $10 per month.

All up, if you want every single package and HD, Foxtel will bundle it all up for $134 per month.

The new Essentials package includes channels that previously required additional packages to receive. Disney Junior, Nick Jr., TVN, V Hits, MTV Music and MTV Dance have been added to the entry-level offering.

At the same time, however, Foxtel has moved some channels out of its Essentials (basic) package, including FX and SoHo (now included in the $20 Drama package), Cartoon Network, Disney Channel and Nickelodeon (now in the $10 kids package).

Here's a full list of the pricing and the channels on offer.

Click to enlarge...

The new pricing comes into effect from 3 November. Foxtel is also working on putting the finishing touches to its new iQ3 box for release later on in the year.

The new channel pricing is meant to pave the way for what Foxtel is calling its "triple-play" strategy, which will see it offer TV, broadband and home phone packages to customers before the end of the year.

Foxtel BoxSets Channel

As part of the new pricing, Foxtel is introducing a channel called BoxSets.

It's a channel dedicated to those who love to binge watch but don't want to go out and buy the DVDs or stream them from a Google or Apple online store.

It offers Foxtel's Complete Season offerings to customers in one big chunk so you can get your binge-watch on.

At launch, BoxSets will carry:

Game of Thrones – Seasons 1-4 • The Sopranos – Seasons 1-6 • Big Love – Seasons 1-5 • The Newsroom – Seasons 1-2 • Rome – Seasons 1-2 • Band of BrothersEntourage – Seasons 1-8 • Wentworth – Seasons 1-2

Those will be supplemented by on-demand content including:

Getting OnLooking – Season 1 • Girls – Seasons 1-3 • Angels in America

Foxtel announced at its up-fronts event last week that HBO's shows would aired exclusively on the pay TV network in 2015. Here's the company's statement:

The deal ensures showcase, the Home of HBO will continue to bring subscribers a host of HBO content including Game of Thrones, True Detective, Girls, The Leftovers, Looking and many others.

That means all your favourite shows will still be tough to get access to unless you have a Foxtel subscription, either via a set-top box or its standalone Play subscription service.

Foxtel's exclusive arrangement with HBO made the US network's shows some of the most pirated on the planet thanks to content hungry Australians looking to watch the show on their terms rather than those of a pay TV provider.

Is this new pricing enough to get you to switch onto Foxtel? Tell us in the comments what you want from your pay TV packages!

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    Don't think their pricing model is low enough. Imagine if it was so cheap that everyone had foxtel, say $10 for standard and $20 for the whole box and dice. Fox would be able to take millions of advertising dollars from commercial free to air. The Libs killed off the NBN to support Fox, Fox need market saturation because once we have a decent government and Internet everyone will just pay per view.

    October 11
    Me: "I'm going to actually give Foxtel a change and set up reminders so we can watch The Walking Dead together without having to download it illegally"

    October 13
    Me: "Wow, I've never seen that many ads before in my life"

    November 3
    Partner: "Why is your computer on? I thought you were at work..."
    Me: "It's got an RSS feed waiting for Walking Dead to be released so it'll be ready for us to watch ad-free when we get home"

    Foxtel, you so funny.

      So are you saying that if I were to pay for Foxtel to watch Game of Thrones legally, I would be watching it with ads?

      Why would I do that? $45 per month for SD GoT legally but with ads vs $0 HD GoT illegally... I do actually want to pay for the content I enjoy but this is ridiculous!

      What are my options for watching it 'legally' without Foxtel (eg circumventing paid geoblocked content)?

      Last edited 03/11/14 1:03 pm

        I'm pretty sure unblock-us works on the HBO site. You get a free trial for 30 days, so maybe that'll be worth checking out.

          Last time I checked, you couldn't access their streaming service without an active cable subscription, but I know they were planning a stand alone product, has this gone live already?

          At the moment you cant use HBO Go without a cable sub. They will however be launching a streaming service at some point.

        I have just started watching Game of Thrones on Foxtel's box set - NO ADS

          Does the same apply for new episodes though?

          Doesn't really matter though, $500+ (12 month contract + installation) is simply too much for one show.

            I am pretty sure that Game of Thrones doesn't have any ads during new episodes on Foxtel, just before and after.

            Most people wouldn't tolerate watching a 60 minute show + ads, as you would be there for at least 80 minutes!

    So if I can read this correctly... I need the basic subscription for 25 dollars a month, and then the Drama package addon which includes the Showtime channel for an extra 20 dollars a month.
    So 45 dollars a month.
    Now if I use the regular game of thrones scenario as the calculation, GoT has 10 episodes a season, so I need to be on foxtel basic+drama package for at least 3 months (this assumes I can even cancel after 3 months)
    that comes to $45 x 3 = $135
    if I have to be on a 12 month subscription minimum, I could cancel Drama after those 3 months but still at least have to pay for basic
    that comes to ($45 x 3) + ($25 x 9) = $360
    Now is there a set up fee as well?

    I still fail to work out how this is supposed to encourage Australians to take the Legal route instead of the pirated one. :(

      Foxtel and HBO's deal will do nothing to prevent piracy. Foxtel are just wanting to get more subscribers, and will have a whinge when they see the Australian piracy figures for GoT Season 5.

      Don't forget the extra tenner for HD. I'm not paying money for SD video in damn near 2015.

    I suppose they still haven't changed their installation policies? So I'd have to use their streaming service, which really doesn't work over my crappy ADSL....

    You get stuff like Comedy and Showcase on the old Essentials if you stay on it now, so that's nice if you happen to have it. Not sure why they put the junior channels in over the default kids ones though.

      Foxtel knows that kids will nag their parents for Disney, Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network, which are the good kids channels.

      They even have a featured package on their website for Kids and Sports channels, as it appeals to both sports loving parents and their children.

    The base package has maybe three channels that I might watch, but with the knowledge that they will show mostly repeats and very little fresh, $25.00. I would need the SyFi channel, mostly repeats, another $10.00. History channel, pure repeats, another $10.00. Movies, mostly repeats, another $20.00. What's that... $65.00 per month, plus install fee..? Hmmmm... NO THANK YOU FOXTEL..!

    Last edited 03/11/14 11:08 am

    Guy came to my door trying to sell Foxtel. I told him I could get Netflix for $12 a month and could he beat that? He said it wasn't available in Australia. I told him it was if you were a little bit clever. He then asked if I wanted it again. Sorry mate.

    They have ads too? WTF do people pay for it then? Wow. More money than sense.

      Lack of ads used to be the number one reason to buy Foxtel. Then it became flooded with ads and the reasoning then was 'premium content'. Then it was all repeats, and now they're going with 'well at least it's not as expensive as it used to be!'

      Last edited 04/11/14 12:27 pm

    It's like they've finally worked out there's a problem so they did the absolute barest minimum they think they can get away with to fix it.

    Just a joke.

    I will never ever sign up to Foxtel as long as it is run by Mr Murdoch.

      You know what will happen if he was replaced or removed? Nothing - it will still be the same.

      The problem lies with the local Foxtel staff, Telstra and the local rights holders.

      The problem isn't the work of one man, the industry itself is a mess. And long over due for the same kind of crash as the one that hit the game industry in 1983.

      Last edited 03/11/14 3:04 pm

        True dat..! But he was one of the people who helped cause the problem..! :)

          That's the worst part. He didn't even do that.

          First there are the rights holders. Murdoch may have Fox Studios but that is just one studio. There is also Disney, Warner and others. And below them there is a tree of rights holders. The greediest ones being here in Australia.

          Second there is the nature of the Pay TV industry itself. A lot of what have to say about the entertainment industry also applies to the Pay TV industry. It's an open market with very little regulation and the restrictions the Howard Government put on Foxtel when it formed long expired and neither side bother to put new ones in.

          Finally there is Telstra, the true root of the cause. As Telstra owns the pits and the infrastructure, they can connect customers up for pennies. This economy is not found with any other provider thus Telstra has an unfair advantage.

          To this extent, I say Telstra is the main problem. If it wasn't Fox it most likely would have been someone else like Warner or Disney what would have partnered up and we'd still have this discussion.

          And if Howard didn't sell off Telstra, it is likely eventually some company would have formed, found away over the idiotic logistics costs and would have become the monopoly because barriers preventing such a thing from happening virtually don't exist.

          Overall, Murdoch's influence is virtually non-existant. The industry is like this by design and even if he died in a car crash in (say) 1985, we'd still have this problem with virtually no change what so ever.

          This is why the industry itself need to be junked because its very nature and most people in it are beyond recovery and it needs to crash so the monopolies that are in the way of new businesses finally fall.

          Last edited 03/11/14 4:50 pm

            Ahhh... I was so used to hating the man, I blamed him for everything..! Thanks for the heads up... He's still a dick though right..? :)

              Murdoch is no different to any other business man. Like a jackal in the wild, he sizes everything up and draws sustenance from the environment without actually influencing it.

              As to him being less than a human being or not, just try and figure out if anything would be better off without News Corp buying up companies and restructuring them to make them profitable.

              For example, if we take out Murdoch completely (say he was never born) it makes no guarantee that News Corp would have existed in the the late 70's when Fox was on the brink of collapse which in turn makes no guarantee that Fox would have been there to partner with Telstra (more on that in a sec) which (finally) makes no guarantee Pay TV in Australia would have survived due to the factors that sank Galaxy.

              On a final comment (before I get into trouble for hijacking the thread again), Foxtel's original composition was %50 Telstra, 25% Fox and 25% Consolidated Media. News later bought Consolidated hence the half/half mix we have now.

              This is why I am always suspect of Telstra. They have had a half interest in Foxtel from the get go and when Labor tried to launch the NBN, Telstra's then CEO, Sol Trujillo, played every nasty political game in the book effectively stalling the original launch of the NBN.

              Last edited 03/11/14 10:54 pm

    Funnily enough if you want to add to your package you can through the website but if you want to drop off a package this service isn't available yet! LOL you need to call

      This has been the case for a very long time, and will likely remain the case. The best that they usually do, is let you swap out one of the general channel packs for another (the $10 packs under the new pricing).

    I thought they were trying to make their service more competitive (i.e. cheaper). This still doesn't look like good value (considering all the ads). I know they are a business but you can't help feeling they are a little underhand.

    I had foxtel for 24mths. It was so boringly repetitive that I ended up just watching either Who's Line or the Weather channel for the last 6 months.

    Does anyone here know if the US cable networks are as repetitive as Fuxtel?

    I don't understand the Foxtel ad hate. The ads on Foxtel are less than Free To Air, and most of the ads are for other programs. They are helpful to see what shows to watch.
    As for repetitive I don't understand that either. I have had Foxtel for 10 years and there is always something to watch especially with the documentaries. It is even better in recent years with the on-demand catchup service.

      I don't understand the Foxtel ad hate. The ads on Foxtel are less than Free To Air, and most of the ads are for other programs.

      Depends on the channel. Some have the same kind of ads as FTA broadcasts.

      As for repetitive I don't understand that either.

      Again, depends on the channel. I used to be an avid view of Cartoon Network (no surprise to anyone here) it has since degraded to the point where one can see the same episode of a cartoon around eight times in less than three days!

      Back in late 90s the offerings were very rich. Again with Cartoon Network (or the Hanna-Barberra channel as I used to call it) it used to show no more than an hours worth of the same kind of cartoon (such as Yogi Bear) per day and the only repeating was the morning schedule was a mirror of the afternoon schedule the following day. But basically every half hour there was a new cartoon.

      Now, Cartoon Network has become obsessed with marathons and has more them than it has in program variety. Heck to make it worse, Cartoon Network Australia has censoring that is even more idiotic and inconsistent than that found with the games ratings.

      Really? How often do you watch the same program and ads? Like watching insurance and credit card ads all the time? Those "other programs" ads are way to frequent, and for the same thing over and over within one program. That's from the documentary channels (the ones I watch, if I ever do watch Foxtel, only to get disappointed and frustrated)! The documentaries are repeated BTW. I've relegated myself to couple of hours of Foxtel a week and still see repeats.

      I got NetFlix working yesterday, pretty easy to do. Now I don't have to bother with that Foxtel rubbish. The only reason it exists in our home is because of the Sports channels (I don't pay for Foxtel). $10 extra for HD, what a joke.

      I have to agree. I have had Foxtel now for a few months and i can't find a fault. Except that i had some minor issues with installation

    Foxtel seem to think that if they dangle the carrot of Game of Thrones in their new basic package, people will overlook the rort. Until recently, I was a 7 year subsciber of Foxtel. I subscribed to everything but the movie and Showcase channels (so didnt get Game Of Thrones-which I have no interest in watching). when the new packagine was released, to keep my same channels, it was actually going to cost me $1 more. I called them to see if there was anything they could do for me as a long standing "valued" customer. There was nothing apparently, so we parted ways. Their basic package may now be comparable to Fetch TV or be appealing to someone who is not quite sure how to set up Netflix or Hulu, but this article reporting on the dribble (along with a whole heap of others) rolled our by the Foxtel Media Release Gang, is just a load of hob-wash. They have re-cut their packages in smaller portions and wrapped them in shiny new Game Of thrones wrapping-kind of like what goes on in the supermarkets these days.

    The packages listed here aren't even right (being based on 'pre-release' info I guess, going off the imagery in the 'infographic').

    I mean the grouping of channels is right, but if you go to their site you'll see it's not as simple as picking the 'groups' of channels you want and adding up the associated priced.

    You can't bundle 'Entertainment' with JUST 'Docos' or JUST 'Kids' for example (so effectively there's no $35 a month package) and the cheapest you can get BOTH is on the 'Premium Entertainment Combo' which also includes 'Entertainment Plus' and comes in at $55 a month instead of $45 a month it should be if you didn't also want to bundle in 'Entertainment Plus'.

    So it's still BS. I used to LOVE Foxtel in the late 90's and even 10 years ago when I met my wife. I remember when they started losing subscribers and their reaction was to let you actually build your bundle from the channel groupings (so with the newly release stuff, I could for example build a $35 Entertainment + Docos OR Kids package, or a $45 Entertainment + Kids + Docos but excluding Entertainment Plus). Why the heck they've retreated from that and will force you into set combos makes absolutely no sense !

    I mean hell ... if KFC will let me swap my potato and gravy for a second chips, or p*ss off my coleslaw for an extra drink instead, I don't see why Foxtel won't let me build my own set of bundles like they did to try keep my business two or three subscription models ago ! That's why I left, and why you won't get me back :-/

    Last edited 03/11/14 5:23 pm

      You are looking at combos on their website, you can create your own package with whatever you want, as long as you have the base package included.

        Err if I go through the order gateway on the site it only lets me pick one of their pre-populated packages. So if the order flow on the phone / face to face is different, that again is a problem !

    Question about the NEW Entertainment channels..... Do we still get the repeat option after two hours? IE UK TV and UK TV 2

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