Around Australia, Google Takes Street View Underwater And Out Into The Bush

Want to look around underwater at the Great Barrier Reef? Feel like taking a wander through the Montague Island Nature Reserve? Google has a bunch of new walking and swimming tours via Street View, all around Australia.

As part of the celebrations around the World Parks Congress running in Sydney all this week, Google has released a swathe of virtual tours around Sydney, 21 national parks across the country and 27 underwater locations including Manly's Shelly Beach, Bondi and the Great Barrier Reef.

If you have a look on Street View in these locations — like Shelly Beach, first up in the video above, or to Mount Kosciuszko — you can go for a swim or take a hike and enjoy a part of Australia that you might not have seen in the flesh before. Take a look at the full list on Google's Australia blog.

[YouTube / Google Blog]

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